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April 12-15, 2012


Welcome to the home of MYSTIC ROOTS CONFERENCE!

This site has been built in an effort to provide you with the methods of obtaining the latest information, submitting inquiries to us for answering and for you to register for the conference. Hopefully you will find the information contained within to be useful. Keep your eyes peeled to this page for the latest news, development and offers.

For 2012 our focus will be on “Unlocking the Secrets of Time”, which will be reflected in our Steampunk themed Lounge Party and Gourmet Banquet Dinner. Our curriculum will focus on the many lessons we can learn from the histories/herstories throughout time. This will encompass many different traditions from around the globe. NEW this year we will begin Thursday evening with our Meet & Greet Pub Moot open to everyone in the Chelsea’s Lounge. Why not take advantage of the early night so you are rested and ready to take on an entire day packed full of incredible workshops.

With so many paths that follow an earth-centered spirituality, honoring mother earth, let’s not forget to take care of her. Let’s keep Mystic Roots Green! Although there will be cups available at our refreshment areas, let’s try to reduce the amount of trash we generate throughout the weekend. We encourage everyone to bring along a thermos, or water bottle. There will also be recycling available at the hotel in the Main Area, please look for recycling bins for cans, bottles and paper.

Help us get the word out…

Blessings of Love & Light,

Tameika & Fox